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Ekta Incubation Center
Ekta Incubation Centre has become operational from December 1, 2005. This centre proposes to build on competencies of its own resources and those of the networked incubator Entrepreneurship Development Cell(EDC) at St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. EDC has been inaugurated on the 15th of Nov 2003, and became fully operational from the 15th of December 2003. The advantages of Incubation and Innovation need not be emphasized. Unfortunately such activities in Incubation in this region comprising of the states of West Bengal (7 Universities), Orissa, Bihar, Tripura, Assam & The North Eastern States is non-existent, except for the Science Park within the Indian Institute of Technology at Kharagpur located at the Western part of West Bengal. There is immediate need to create, develop and sustain an eco-system that facilitates incubation and Innovation in Academic centres of excellence. It is also necessary to create a Partnership between Industry and Academia. The Ekta Incubation model is to Reach Out. West Bengal has a population of 100 million. Its economy today is mainly agriculture - Tea, rice, and potatoes. It is also the hub of honey collection and distribution throughout the country.

Eminent Academicians including our Vice Chancellor Prof. A.K. ThakurThe state’s literacy level is 2nd highest in the country after Kerala. There is lack of employment generation for educated youth. The government has over the past 3 /4 years made concerted efforts in attracting large IT companies to set up shop in the state. This has resulted in a large number of BPO related job openings.

Our efforts in the Incubation process are two fold.

Reach Out to :

1. Marginal Farmers - through training in value addition to locally available agriculture products, especially in the delta regions - Sunderbans.

2. Educated Youth - through ICT training for BPO operations that is projected at 1.2 million new jobs countrywide for billion industry (NASSCOM) , training towards handling logistics for rural Bengal and e-governance. IT trained youth in the district would help villagers to access information on government support, health facilities, better farming techniques, procurement of inputs for agriculture such as seeds, fertilizers, pesticides etc. at declared rates.

In the short term we have already tied up with Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) as partners . In the medium and long term we are striving towards industry institute partnerships and IP centric incubates. Our equity participation in such organization will help us in making this centre financially viable.

Website : http://technologyembryo.com/

Incubatees :
  • Hinnovation - Education ERP
  • Comunet Infosystems (P) Ltd. - ICT Products & Services
  • TechnoCratz - Medical Technologies & Tele-Radiology
  • XESP Technology (closed room) - VLSI & Embedded Systems
  • Protech Infosystems (P) Ltd - Data Security Technologies
  • Sciegra - Power Sector Technologies
  • DSR Genome Technologies - Development of different types molecular detection kits
  • Symbio Greentech (P) Ltd - Environment Biotechnology Sustainable environment through Microbiology& Plant Biotechnology Interventions
  • Theta one solutions Pvt. Ltd - Mobile Apps

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