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The library was founded in 2004 with a few book racks and some donated books. Now it is a fully functional hybrid library where it is now possible to access information about the physical items as well as the digital holdings in the form of e-books and e-journals, multimedia CDROMs and software from any where through a single unified web based interface ( library portal .

The Library has both e- resources and print resources. It has a total collection of 25965 books among which 10131 are e-books , 6000 ( approx.) e-journals 20 print journals including 4 foreign journals .The library has also purchased the e-collection of Annual reviews back volume. The library also has a good collection of CDs, audio Cassette and DVD . The library is focusing on e-resources due to shortage of space.

The University library is now member of E-Sodh -Sindhu (UGC Infonet) Digital Library consortia. University is getting e-journals like IEEE, Cambridge University Press, Economic & Political Weekly, ISID, , JCCC, Oxford University Press, Springerlink, Taylor & Francis from the consortia. and University itself is subscribing e-journals like IEE, Elsevier, Springer Nature, ACM Digital Library, JAmerican Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology , Taylor and Francis, etc..

As a part of a centre of excellence the library tries to provide modern web based services along with the traditional services like reading room, lending , photo copying services.

The library is an open access library which gives its user the facility to directly go to the rack and choose his/ her own books. The reading room has a seating capacity of 56 user at a time. It also has 10 terminals running on LTSP system used for digital library facility. On an average 60- 70 students use the library per day.

Library is giving fully automated lending services to the students along with the faculty members using library management software KOHA. Every student has a login password to access the catalogue from user interface and reserve books . Students can also see their status ie, whether book is overdue or not, the reading history etc. from their account.

The library has Web OPAC ( URL facility where all users including students, faculty members, researchers and others can browse through for information regarding library resources from any where within the campus and outside the campus. There are two dedicated machine for searching library resources through library portal near the library entrance to facilitate its users. Students and university staffs can browse the Internet and the e-resources subscribed to by the university through the computers in the reading room as well as from anywhere within the campus

Users become aware of the library rules and regulation and how to use the services through library portal. The library alerts the user through notification about the library programme and activities using university' s e-mail service.Since all university classroom are projection enabled and connected to the internet, digital resources like images of the CDs accompanying the books , e-books, e-journals of the library can be accessed from class rooms to aid the teaching.

The library is using a single interface, the library portal (http:// where the information about library holdings be it the printed collection or the e collection can be obtained through the open source ILS system KOHA . It is the first open source ILS system distributed under GNU GPL license. Barcodes generated in house are used to track down each printed item in the catalogue in day to day transaction. eg. Circulation. Glabels is used to generate the barcode. The Koha ILS has been extended to digital library through the integration of a media image server for online , simultaneous , multi -user access to CD/DVD media accompanying print items or otherwise separately published. The media image server can also be searched separately using Namazu. The university library is completely networked . The users can access the electronic resources and the Internet through the desktops in the reading room. As the university in connected through Intranet, library resources can be accessed from any where within the campus. The library is also has Wi-Fi connectivity. Users can access the Internet from the library reading room through WI-fi connectivity from their laptops subject to authorization.

Library is outsourcing the photocopying service and network printing. Photo copy can be done for Re. 1.00 / page. The network printing service can be accessed from any where within the campus.

The library kept open beyond the normal working hour by the students under university's "Earn While You Learn Programme". Till now library has given support to 214 students under this scheme. This year( 2009) 65 students are working under this scheme.

An access ramp has been constructed for the physically challenged users. The ramp is directly connected to the reading room to make the library easily accessible to the physically challenged.

Keeping in ming the equal opportunity for all, the university is planning to build an e-resources consortia covering the colleges affiliated to MAKAUT , WB. It is in initial stage. the university has got some proposal from the publishers side. We are working on that.

Keeping in mind the equal opportunity for all, the university library resource is open to all students and faculty members of affiliated colleges. They can use the university reading room service , can select their books and journals , copy the relevant portion and can also photo copy a limited numbers of pages. They can also use the library e-resources, download and can take print required portion using the networked printer. The students and faculty members only needed to bring their college ID card to enter the library.

E-resources can be accessed using the following urls.

URLs for e-resources subscribed/purchased by MAKAUT,WB

E-resources from E-sodhsindhu

Annual reviews back volume (1980 -2005)

Elsevier books

Cambridge university press e-books

Oxford e -books

Springer e-books

LNCS 2013

Pearson e-books

Taylor and Francis e-book


Nature Biotechnology

Nature Nanotechnology

Economic and political weekly


ACM Digital library



FEBS letters

Proteins : structure, Functions and bioinformatics

Molecular Cell

Cancer Cell


International Journal of Information Management

Juornal of Biological Chemistry

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